The Wanderer

Osu. Yokoso gosaimasu.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Connor Montague. I am currently writing my A levels and live in South Africa. I enjoy English, philosophy, physics, biology, and theology. By extension I enjoy debating and writing. Particularly I enjoy writing short stories, poetry, and just general thoughts. I also enjoy rugby, playing dungeons and dragons, ballroom dancing, metal music (along with many, many other types of music), and Karate.

I am currently a 3rd Kyu brown belt in Bushido Funakoshi Karate. My practice of Karate has taught me many things about myself, and has formed many of my views.

On a slightly different note, I love video games. It’s a problem. Don’t judge me. I also love reading, with fantasy being my favourite genre. I have run out of things to say at this point. If you really want to know more about me I suggest reading my blog posts- I’ll be more forthcoming therein.


Feel free to contact me with the form below. Please understand that I am still busy with studying so I may be slow to respond, but if you wish to contact me for some reason do not hesitate. If you have constructive criticism I would even urge you to send it through because improvement stems from knowing one’s flaws.