The Question

Hi, I’m Connor. Welcome to Ikigai Yuugen. I suppose you might be wondering what that means. Perhaps you are wondering what you might find here. In response, I would tell you that ikigai and yuugen are Japanese words meaning ‘a reason for being’ and ‘an awareness of the Universe’. Following that, I would ask you,

What is it you seek?

It’s all well and good to ask what you might find here. I could tell you that I will write about philosophy, my musings, music, art, life. I could say that I will write about my views on suffering, living, dying. But the only important question that can actually be asked cannot be answered by me. Instead, you must ask yourself the question posed above.

If, in my ramblings, you find something, or feel something, then you should stay. You should join me in my thoughts. If you find nothing of interest to you, then you should leave. Now, I mean this in the best way. I will have succeeded both if you stay and if you leave because I have caused you to ponder the question of what you seek- and that question will serve you well.